GSM Intercom , Access Control & Alarm System

GSM Intercom , Access Control & Alarm System


GSM Intercom , Access Control & Alarm System
GSM Intercom
The GSM Intercom interface converts any existing intercom call point into a full GSM intercom system
1.      Simply connect 3 or 4 wires normally connected to the intercom to this unit to GSM enable it.
2.      No more missed callers
3.      No giving away to strangers there is no one home when the intercom is not answered.
Caller ID GSM Access Control
1.      The Unit will open gate, barriers, doors, mag-locks, barriers and shutters by recognizing the caller ID of the person calling it.
2.      1000 User Memory
2 Alarm in and 2 Relay Out
1.      Additional relay to control external items such as lights, power , heating, cooling or even the hot-tub.
2.      Call into the unit and enter a password to switch the addition on board relay on
3.      Connect sensors or an alarm system and be alerted by call or text any problems.
Product Specification.
1.      Quad band Module
2.      Operating Temp – 25c – 55c
3.      Humidity Less than 95% RH
4.      Lightning protector 3 -5 W
5.      2 output relay
6.      Calls up to 3 numbers outbound
7.      Battery backup for up to 8 hours
8.      Caller ID for up to 1000 users
9.      Programmable via SMS or voice or PC
10. Optional LCD programming
11. Comes with IP 65 enclosure
12. CE Approval

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: WT-9002
Brand Name: WITURA

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