GSM Gate Opener

GSM Gate Opener


GSM Gate Opener
Let your Mobile Phone be your Universal Remote Control Forget the conventional remotecontrol, you can now open your Gates and Garage Doors with your Mobile Phone. Just 'speed-dial' a secure telephone number which identifies you as an Authorised User and the Gates and Garage Door are opened. There are no call costs to use the as all incoming calls are rejected once Authorised.

No more hanging about for people to arrive as the will allow you to open your Gates or Doors from anywhere in the World. Domestic, gated communities, business, clubs, public car parks, hospitals, hotels, factories, villas... Can all benefit from this system? GSM Mobile Garage Opener can be used also as a long distance remote control.
Save money on providing everybody with a remote control, let them use their mobile phone. Everybody has a mobile phone, let it be a universal remote control!

1. Safe: nobody can clone your phone as easily as they can do with a standard remote control
2. Flexible: you can add or remove anybody number in a minute with an SMS
3. Cheap: you don't need to buy a remote control for each member of your family with the key fob free universal remote control.
4. Convenient: no matter if you change car, or if you have different garages to open. Your phone will always be with you all the times your remote controls are somewhere else!
5. Universal: Will fit any new or existing installation
Domestic GSM Opener Ideal for domestic properties where a mobile phone or local landline can be used to control access. It also offers remote opening from anywhere on the globe so the owner can let workmen and visitors in while away.
Business & Gated Community GSM Opener There are a number of options for business use and gate, door, garage, shutter d communities.
Open Access: allowing anyone who knows the access number could be allowed to enter, the number given to both residents and visitors of the community or business.
This means anyone who knows the number can operate the gate, door, garage, shutter /barrier. Should at a later date it was decided that too many people have the number, simply change the SIM card and then re-issue the new phone number.
Caller ID Access: the unit set to secure mode means only numbers programmed the unit can operate it. If a number is withheld or unknown to the unit it is completely ignored.
When someone leaves the business or moves out of the property then their phone numbers can be immediately deleted by text message. This means only known numbers can have free access and other visitors need to make their presence known in order to be allowed in.

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: WT-009
Brand Name: WITURA

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